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  • Full transparency
  • Careful installation
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    Solar installations as unique as your home.

    Begin your solar journey with Raw Energy, who have been installing solar systems since 2011. We offer our customers high savings, reliable and affordable systems which represent excellent value for money.

    We build better financial futures for our customers

    Our friendly team talk to you, gaining an understanding of your needs and then designing the right solar system for your home . We show you the cost, how much you will save annually, and will offer advice on how small changes in how appliances are used in your home can lead to even greater savings.

    We are MCS certified and upon completion of the installation will provide all the information you need to sell excess power back to the grid. We also offer maintenance service and support for any breakdowns.

    Choose Raw Energy for solar and make a difference in your home, your way.

    We encourage you to ask questions.

    Feel free to contact us regarding solar, energy efficiency, battery storage and air source heat pumps.

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    Savings where it matters.

    We are driven by the belief that renewable energy can simultaneously do good for people and the planet. By bringing solar energy into your home, we reduce your bills and your carbon footprint, helping you enjoy priceless moments where they matter.

    How we pass on solar savings with smart designs

    Solar energy doesn't have to be complicated.

    We understand that navigating the solar landscape can be a bit overwhelming and there can be a lot of pressure on you to get this right. We've implemented additional safety measures into our internal processes to ensure your experience is smooth and worry-free. Drawing from our background in working with investment funds and large businesses, rest can be assured, we won't sell you a system leaving you worse off or lead you into a financial maze.

    Read about our extra measures put in place for your benefit.

    Energy Generation

    Investing in solar panels is a long-term commitment, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We believe our clients deserve straightforward, fair, and transparent outcomes. That’s why we take the guesswork out of solar and provide you with an accurate evaluation. Standard MCS projections can be quite rigid in calculating your system's performance, but we can tweak projections to account for various future changes you might have in mind.

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    Lifetime Savings

    Our commitment extends beyond excellent value in the present. We understand that life changes, so our projections are designed to address your evolving circumstances over the next 20 years. Thanks to our well-established background in the industry, you will also get a handy document, adjusting your future savings for inflation, helping you make well-informed and financially sound decisions.

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    When it comes to your solar panels, we prioritise durability and efficiency with robust guarantees. We exclusively collaborate with manufacturers offering U.K. based customer service, ensuring a smooth and worry-free solar journey. What sets us apart is our proactive approach. We can fix issues before you even notice them. Enjoy peace of mind with our customer first service.

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    Ready to enhance your home?

    Talk to us to find out how well solar works for your home.

    We make solar energy work around you.

    Our clients are the heart and soul of everything we do at Raw Energy. We factor in your goals and unique circumstances when we build your solar system to deliver the best possible value for money.

    Whether you're looking to install solar for environmental reasons or financial reasons, we have the expertise and the experience to make solar work around your needs.

    Discover how we put our clients' needs at the forefront of what we do

    • Starting your solar journey

      To start your solar journey please tell us how we can help using our online contact form.

    • Arranging your quote

      We can usually gather enough information from a short phone call to give you a personalised quote with estimated costs and benefits. If you are interested in taking this further we will then follow this up with a home or site visit.

    • Steps before installation

      If you would like to place an order we ask for a deposit, agree an installation date, order your materials and book in the scaffolder. We may also need to ask the District Network Operator for permission to connect your system to the grid.

    Turning your bright ideas into hard working assets.

    Your vision comes to life with excellent value for money as we tailor solar solutions uniquely for you, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance. From selecting the perfect panels to customising your system, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective solutions that align seamlessly with your energy goals. With us, your solar journey is not just personalised but also a smart investment in efficiency and savings.

    You set out the priorities, we breathe life into the system.

    Solar Performance

    Elevate your solar system's potential with our custom performance option for maximum output. From selecting top-tier panels to personalised system tweaks, receive a tailored solution that ensures your investment delivers maximum efficiency with a friendly touch.


    Designed with your changing needs in mind, always ready to adapt and evolve with you. Whether you want to expand, modify, or make versatile adjustments, we're here to empower you. Tailor your solar setup with ease, ensuring it grows alongside you with modular additions, offering sustainable energy solutions that stand the test of time.


    Transform your space with style by choosing from a variety of solar configurations, each as aesthetic as they are efficient. We empower you with creative freedom to tailor your solar setup, adding a personal flair to your sustainable journey. Your solar investment, a stylish expression of sustainability, not only endures the test of time but also brings a charming touch to your space.


    Find the perfect balance between performance and upfront costs with our budget-friendly solar solutions. We prioritise affordability, offering top-notch, yet cost-effective solar panels for a journey to sustainable energy. Choose from a variety of solar panels without breaking the bank, ensuring your solar future is not only brighter but also friendlier to your budget.

    Have something in mind?

    Let us know your preferences here and we’ll come back with a free proposal.

    We've seen it all and built it all

    Our journey began in 2011, when solar energy was just starting to emerge in the UK. We proudly crafted the first solar farms in the country, giving us a front-row seat to the exciting early days of this industry. We've been in business ever since and we've seen and built all types of solar systems, gaining quite a bit of wisdom along the way, especially when it comes to maximising value for our clients.

    How we pass on solar savings with smart designs

    Your goals, our diligent responsibility.

    Regulated solar installation

    We approach our services with a generational perspective, ensuring what we do reflects our commitments to you. Our practices are regulated and fully compliant with MCS standards, guaranteeing the protection and insurance of your solar system. Your investment is safeguarded by HIES's Consumer Code and Financial Protection. Additionally, the NICEIC trademark guarantees our commitment to excellence in electrical installations, assuring you of quality and safety

    Fiduciary relationship

    Experiencing the renewable energy sector from a consumer's point of view has shaped who we are and how we do business. We empathise with the significance and pressure involved in these decisions, so we're embracing a fiduciary relationship, ensuring we construct excellent and transparent deals for our clients, stewarding investments with integrity and honesty.


    At our core, we're firm believers that renewable energy offers incredible value and stand against any form of misleading or pressuring. Our in-house experts are your friendly guides, always ready to provide a clear and transparent breakdown of your system's performance, accounting for various outcomes into the future, at no additional charges. Moreover, our quotes break down the savings into monthly increments and bring future savings into the present, making it really easy for you to determine if your solar aligns with the goals you had in mind.

    Guarantees and Warranty

    Having been on the receiving end of renewable energy services ourselves, we truly understand the need for solid protection. That's why we choose to work exclusively with suppliers who offer decades-long guarantees for panel efficiency and warranties extending beyond 20 years. Additionally, we have exclusively teamed up with suppliers that have established U.K.-based customer service departments, so we can quickly address any concerns on your behalf. Rest assured, we continuously monitor performance from our end to ensure your system continues working at its hardest well after installation.

    The Raw Energy Difference

    Beyond being passionate advocates for voluntary industry standards, we take our commitment a step further by putting our core asset management and consultancy skills to work. We want to empower UK homeowners by providing them with the necessary tools to take ownership of their renewable energy assets. We believe in improving solar accessibility, making sure homeowners across the UK feel a sense of ownership and control over their sustainable energy journey.

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    Not quite sure if solar is right for you?

    Feel free to reach out to us anytime for a complimentary consultation.
    Alternatively, we've assembled useful information to help you get familiar with our offerings at your own pace.

    How do I know if solar is right for me?

    We can help you maximise energy savings and allow load shifting with our cutting-edge commercial solar and battery solutions

    How do I know if solar is right for me?

    We can help you maximise energy savings and allow load shifting with our cutting-edge commercial solar and battery solutions


    To get the optimum performance and generate the most electricity from your solar PV system, your roof should ideally be south facing and pitched at an angle of around 30 degrees. The panels will still work if your roof faces another direction and can be fitted to flat roofs with a frame, but the power generated from the panels will be less. While there’s no need to worry about the gloomy UK weather as panels still generate significant amounts of power even on cloudy days, you do also need to consider whether there are any obstacles that could get in the way of light reaching the panels – such as trees, or maybe next door’s extension. And the more space you have for the panels to be fitted to, the better.

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    Raw Energy are MSC accredited and have experienced design and delivery teams in-house

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