Solar Maintenance

We monitor and maintain our clients’ solar systems. This is essential to achieve optimal performance and high reliability.

Commercial & Domestic Solar Maintenance

Raw Energy provide full and cost effective maintenance of commercial and domestic solar systems.

Solar maintenance is important for:

• Maximising energy output: Regular maintenance ensures that your solar panels are operating at peak efficiency, which can help to maximise energy output and lower your electricity bills. Modules can achieve up to 30% higher performance when well maintained.

• Prolonging the life of your system: Solar panels that are well maintained tend to last longer than those that are not. Regular cleaning, inspections, and repairs can help to prevent damage and extend the life of your solar panels.

• Identifying and addressing issues early: Regular maintenance allows you to identify and address issues with your solar system before they become major problems. This can help to minimise system losses, downtime and prevent costly repairs.

• Ensuring safety: Solar panels can pose a safety hazard if they are damaged or not installed properly. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your solar system is functioning safely and correctly.

• Protecting your investment: Installing a solar system is a significant investment, and regular maintenance helps to protect that investment by ensuring that your system is operating as it should.

Why Raw Energy?

  • Performance analysis and monitoring
  • In-house expertise to design and install your system
  • Pro-active maintenance for all system parts including panels, inverters, batteries and cabling

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