Large Scale Solar

Our team were responsible for the first UK solar farms built in 2011 and have been developing, building and managing them ever since.

Large Scale Solar

The team at Raw Energy have a long history of delivering large scale solar farms across the UK. Raw Energy manage all aspects of these developments from initial site assessment, overseeing the construction to a fully managed asset. We have in-house expertise in design, planning, grid connections, and contracting and so can offer a full service.

Here are some key characteristics of large-scale solar:

1. Capacity: Large-scale solar projects have a high capacity and are designed to generate a large amount of electricity. These projects can range from a few megawatts (MW) to hundreds of MW or even gigawatts (GW) in capacity.

2. Land Requirement: Due to the significant number of solar modules required, large-scale solar projects typically require substantial land areas for installation. Solar farms require around four per MW installed.

3. Grid Integration: These projects are usually connected to the electrical grid, allowing the generated electricity to be transmitted and distributed to end-users. This integration involves the use of transformers, inverters, and transmission lines to efficiently manage the power generated.

4. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): To ensure the economic viability of large-scale solar projects, developers often enter into long-term power purchase agreements with utility companies or other entities. These agreements guarantee the sale of electricity at an agreed-upon price, providing financial stability for the project and for the offtaker.

5. Environmental Benefits: Large-scale solar projects contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by displacing fossil fuel-based electricity generation. They provide a clean and renewable energy source, helping to mitigate climate change and improve air quality.

6. Large-scale solar plays a crucial role in increasing renewable energy generation to aid the transition towards a more sustainable and low-carbon energy system. These projects can provide jobs and contribute to local economies while reducing dependence on fossil fuels.


Why Raw Energy?

  • Our business only works in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • We have been around since 2012 and our CEO built the first UK solar farms in 2011
  • We model, design, install, monitor and maintain all equipment installed
  • We work on complex industrial projects and large portfolios of solar roofs and solar farms so have great experience
  • All installation teams are MCS qualified
  • We survey buildings before and after works alongside providing an updated EPC certificate
  • Battery storage can be added for businesses needing it
  • All projects can be financed to spread the capital expenditure

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Solar energy is electricity generated through the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. These solar panels are used to capture the sun’s abundant and clean renewable energy, turning it into electricity.
The cells within the PV modules convert irradiation into Direct Current (DC) power. The inverters convert the DC power to Alternating Current (AC) power. The meter then measures the amount of solar energy produced then the electrical energy is then either - used directly on site, used to charge an on-site battery or distributed directly to the utility grid.

Yes. Whilst there are no longer any tariffs available for domestic or commercial solar installations, the Government are now relying on the economics to encourage solar installation. Taking into account current power pricing, for most domestic users the payback period for solar is very compelling.

This will vary for each application based on roof size, orientation and the consumption at the property. Typically, the cost of a solar system will range from around £6,000 for smaller homes up to £12,000 for larger homes.

Without the sun our planet would be very different. It powers almost all activities on earth either directly or otherwise. Solar energy is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t generate green house gasses. Renewable technologies help to reduce our carbon footprint. It is only natural that we utilise the sun for our energy needs.

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