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Agricultural solar solutions


In the realm of sustainable farming practices, agricultural solar panels emerge as a compelling investment opportunity, offering farmers a chance to optimise both farmland and roof space. Beyond the environmental benefits of harnessing clean power, the potential for a 30% annual return on investment adds a significant economic dimension to this opportunity. Leveraging government grants and subsidies further amplifies the appeal of adopting solar solutions on farms.


Various farming applications for solar


The versatility of solar panels manifests in two primary categories: Rooftop solar and ground mount solar, each catering to distinct needs and providing unique advantages. Rooftop applications ingeniously utilise unused space on farm buildings, generating passive yield, decarbonising operations and could even facilitate the transition to fully self-reliant enterprises. On the other hand, ground mount solar installations serve dual purposes by also offering shelter to livestock and wildlife, allowing for grazing between solar panels, but sacrificing some of the land.


Exploring agricultural solar applications in a farm setting:


Rooftop solar:


  • Barn roofs
  • Refrigeration warehouses
  • Grain stores
  • Dairy units
  • Livestock housing
  • Holiday lets
  • Workshops
  • Staff accommodation


Ground mount solar:


  • Various table sizes
  • Pole mount


The opportunity for you:


Farm businesses opting for solar solutions immediately benefit from reduced costs and a diminished carbon footprint in their produce. Depending on the system’s size, farmers can significantly reduce their dependence on the grid, embracing a more reliable power supply. Additionally, surplus energy generated by solar panels can be sold back to the grid, providing an extra revenue stream, at a lower rate. Export rates are not as attractive as it once was, so we recommend batteries to save by reducing imported energy.


Why choose solar, and why now?


Solar panels priced at their historical lowest cost per watt, a result of fierce competition among manufacturers, making the initial investment more accessible. Given the energy-intensive nature of farming, recent fluctuations in energy prices become a significant variable cost for businesses. Embracing solar technology empowers farmers to regain control over operational costs. Government incentives play a pivotal role in making solar adoption financially attractive. Schemes like the Annual Investment Allowance or the First Year 50% Allowance allow businesses to expense solar equipment against profits, offering a substantial financial advantage. Always consult with your accountant to ensure eligibility for these schemes and enhances the returns on solar investments. National and local grants can further alleviate the installation costs. Our consultancy actively collaborates with farmers to secure grants on their behalf, with initiatives like the “Improving Farm Productivity Grant Round 2” offering grants covering up to 25% of installation costs.


Our expertise in agricultural solar solutions


Renewable energy consultancy:

Our commitment is to ensure clients are well-informed, facilitating informed decisions on investment and operation.


Grant applications:

In-house consultants provide robust support for solar grant availability assessments and submissions.


Investment modelling:

Our friendly team assists in constructing reliable investment models, ensuring financially sound decisions before committing to solar installations.



Our experts meticulously design and plan installations, executing with care and precision.


Asset management:

We optimise various renewable assets, not limited to solar, ensuring consistent performance and reliability for our clients.


Financial impact of agricultural solar solutions


In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable farming, the financial impact of adopting agricultural solar solutions extends far beyond initial investments. Clean power sources, such as solar panels, can significantly bolster a farm’s financial health. The potential for a 30% annual return on investment becomes a key driver in transforming farms into economically resilient entities.


Reduced operational costs:

One of the immediate financial benefits comes from the reduction in operational costs. Solar panels provide a consistent and renewable source of energy, mitigating the impact of volatile conventional energy prices. This stability empowers farmers to better manage and forecast their budgets, creating a more secure financial foundation for their operations.


Sustainable revenue streams:

Beyond mere cost reduction, solar solutions introduce new revenue streams for farmers. Surplus energy generated by solar panels can be sold back to the grid, creating an additional source of income. This sustainable revenue model further contributes to the financial viability of adopting solar technology on farms.


Long-term cost predictability:

Solar technology brings with it a unique advantage of long-term cost predictability. The historical lowest cost per watt of solar panels, driven by intense market competition, not only makes the initial investment accessible but also ensures a stable and predictable energy cost structure over the lifespan of the system. This predictability is crucial for effective financial planning in the dynamic agricultural sector.


Operational impacts of agricultural solar solutions


The operational impacts of integrating solar solutions into farm practices are multi-faceted, influencing various aspects of day-to-day operations and overall sustainability.


Energy independence:

By adopting solar solutions, farms gain a level of energy independence that is both environmentally and operationally significant. The ability to generate power on-site reduces reliance on external energy sources, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply. This reliability enhances operational efficiency, particularly in critical processes such as refrigeration, dairy operations, and workshops.


Environmental stewardship:

The operational integration of solar panels aligns farms with a commitment to environmental stewardship. Beyond the immediate reduction in carbon footprint, solar technology contributes to sustainable and responsible farming practices. Rooftop solar applications, for instance, utilise vacant spaces on farm buildings, making it a seamless integration that aligns with existing infrastructure.


Enhanced livestock welfare:

Ground mount solar installations play a crucial role in livestock welfare. Providing shelter to animals and creating spaces for grazing between solar panels, these installations contribute to the well-being of livestock. This operational impact, while indirectly financial, is a testament to the holistic benefits of adopting solar solutions in agricultural practices.


The financial and operational impacts of agricultural solar solutions go hand in hand, creating a symbiotic relationship that not only strengthens the economic resilience of farms but also contributes to sustainable and responsible agricultural practices. The opportunity to maximise farmland and roof space with solar technology is not just an investment in energy efficiency; it’s a crucial component in the long-term success and environmental stewardship of farm operations.

Why Raw Energy?

  • Our background in the agricultural sector and decades of experience helps us understand your business requirements.
  • Solar installations are carefully curated so your farm business remains unaffected while you generate additional revenue.
  • Our clients are the heart and soul of everything we do. We work with you to build the best high-yielding system, as cost effectively as possible, so your farm can benefit from a fast return on your investment in an enduring asset.
  • We work with you to build the best high-yielding solar system, as cost effectively as possible, so your farm can benefit from a fast return on your investment in an enduring asset

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Off-grid farming operations particularly benefit from solar energy, especially in situations where traditional power sources may be unavailable or expensive to install. Standalone PV systems with energy storage can offer a reliable and sustainable power source for remote agricultural locations.

Modern solar panels are designed to demand minimal maintenance. In a farm setting, we recommend regularly cleaning solar panels to remove dirt and dust to maximise energy output. We take a proactive stance and routinely check the system's performance to ensure optimal functionality and to identify and rectify red flags before they can hinder your operations.

The payback period for agricultural solar installations varies based on factors such as system size, location, energy consumption, and available incentives. On average, farmers break even within 3 to 5 years. However, by leveraging recent government incentives, a farmer can expedite this process and reduce the overall timespan for achieving returns.

Absolutely, solar energy effectively powers electric fences, water pumps, and other equipment. It serves as a reliable and sustainable power source, contributing significantly to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the farm.

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